Tenor Madness

I could make a joke about how many tenors I’ve known that are mad, but I’ll keep it to myself.

Anyways, the newest video is up over on the Performance page. It’s my house band gig at Khoury’s Restaurant at Alamitos Bay here in Long Beach. Great local establishment, it’s a jazz and champagne brunch with a nice buffet offering and a cool atmosphere. It’s also right on the water, too – the dining room opens up to an outside patio that is connected to a dock. The view is beautiful from stage, and it’s just enough on the land itself that I don’t get seasick while playing. At least, from where I’m playing. I’m there nearly every Sunday at around 1:30pm or so, depending on if there’s an early event later that night. If there is, we sometimes start sooner to get out of the way.

Performing in the video:
Robert – Guitar (1st solo)
Steven – Tenor Sax (Head), Flute (2nd solo) – Bandleader
Gaston – Guitar (3rd solo)
Victor – Keyboards (4th)
Yours Truly – Bass Guitar (5th)
Andre – Drums

I apologize that I’m mostly eclipsed in the visuals by Steven, but you can see enough of me, and hear enough of me. I’m pretty proud of that solo, actually. Besides, I’d ultimately like to get at least one tune in each genre on the performance page. There’s your Blues, as well as my Classical and Latin, though the Latin is so Rock that I may bump it for a Latin jazz if I get a good recording. Unless you’d like one of each? Let me know, my comments are (mostly) open!*

*except for SPAM and other off-topic comments.