On Unsolicited Comments

I had absolutely no idea just how much spam I would see on this site when I started it. It’s a little disturbing, actually, and it makes me grateful that WordPress’ default setting is to require admin approval for all new comments. I delete at least 1 or 2 a day, never reaching the page.

If you want your comment to go through, I need a name. That does not mean using a product name in the name box. That will be removed instantly. If your comment does actually include the subject that it’s on, such as page content or a blog post reply, it will go through. I review every one. If your comment reads more like a personal e-mail or a solicitation of new work, I will reply to you at the e-mail you provide, but I will not approve it to go through, as it will appear off topic for the page.

These are simple guidelines. Spammers probably won’t care, it will still happen, but I wanted to write this out just in the off chance that a friend or colleague was attempting to reach me and I killed the message.