How does one define success? I, for one, do not define it by my income alone. Sure, I need to survive, keep my equipment up and running, keep my skills sharp, and keep my family safe, warm, and fed, but that takes more than just money. I define it by happiness, too. And running this business and having a sense of purpose and demand brings me a lot of happiness.

I recently took a weekend morning part time job as a security officer. Outside of those times, however, I have no intention of limiting myself in terms of my availability for work. This is the kind of work that brings me the most happiness. I’ve simply allowed a small platform of stability to stay at the bottom. I know that all will work out in the end, and this will allow me to make the changes I need to continue to work at my high standards.

I am currently working with performers from multiple projects. Any future announcements to these projects will be mentioned in future posts. In the meantime, thank you for reading and continuing to visit.