Monthly Archives: October 2013


This recent semester has had some major ups, and not very many downs. Since joining the Applied Music program, I’ve had to spend a lot of time working on various aspects of musicianship, but it has all been worth it. I now study under David Black, bassist for Pacific Symphony for 35 years. He’s been really hammering home many things for me, breaking some of my self-taught habits, and honing me into a better musician.

It’s clearly paid off even in these early stages, as I have recently been named Principal Double Bass for the upcoming LBCC Orchestra concerts. More details on that will be coming very shortly. I like to think that this position came to me because of my willingness to help those around me, and not because of any sort of “better musician” or other arrogance to it. I look forward to a great year, and hopefully the chance to see many fans of classical music come out to our performances.