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Upcoming Performances: 5-30 And 6-1-2014

The Semester is coming to an end, and that means final ensemble performances! As with earlier, there are two separate shows each with very different groups and repertoire.

Friday, May 30: The Wind Ensemble opens the show at 7:30pm with music inspired by Japan, Spain, Scotland, and more! Conducted by Brian Hamilton. After intermission, the Beach Cities Symphonic Band performs under Dr. Gary Scott. (I am not a part of that group.)

Sunday, June 1: The Chamber Orchestra opens the show along with the String Quartet in music of Johann Christian Bach and Béla Bartôk. We will then be showcasing the two winners of our Concerto Competition with music for Horn by Dukas, featuring Christian Sequieros and Julie’s Song by Aaron Copland, featuring mezzo-soprano Carol Crocco. After intermission, the Symphony Orchestra will play the Fireworks by Igor Stravinsky and selections from Brahms 2nd Symphony.

Advance Tickets are available online for $10 General, $5 Student/Seniors/LBCC Staff. FREE for local High School students with ID. Go to for tickets. Tickets at the door are $12 General, $7 Student/Senior/Staff.


This recent semester has had some major ups, and not very many downs. Since joining the Applied Music program, I’ve had to spend a lot of time working on various aspects of musicianship, but it has all been worth it. I now study under David Black, bassist for Pacific Symphony for 35 years. He’s been really hammering home many things for me, breaking some of my self-taught habits, and honing me into a better musician.

It’s clearly paid off even in these early stages, as I have recently been named Principal Double Bass for the upcoming LBCC Orchestra concerts. More details on that will be coming very shortly. I like to think that this position came to me because of my willingness to help those around me, and not because of any sort of “better musician” or other arrogance to it. I look forward to a great year, and hopefully the chance to see many fans of classical music come out to our performances.


How does one define success? I, for one, do not define it by my income alone. Sure, I need to survive, keep my equipment up and running, keep my skills sharp, and keep my family safe, warm, and fed, but that takes more than just money. I define it by happiness, too. And running this business and having a sense of purpose and demand brings me a lot of happiness.

I recently took a weekend morning part time job as a security officer. Outside of those times, however, I have no intention of limiting myself in terms of my availability for work. This is the kind of work that brings me the most happiness. I’ve simply allowed a small platform of stability to stay at the bottom. I know that all will work out in the end, and this will allow me to make the changes I need to continue to work at my high standards.

I am currently working with performers from multiple projects. Any future announcements to these projects will be mentioned in future posts. In the meantime, thank you for reading and continuing to visit.


On Unsolicited Comments

I had absolutely no idea just how much spam I would see on this site when I started it. It’s a little disturbing, actually, and it makes me grateful that WordPress’ default setting is to require admin approval for all new comments. I delete at least 1 or 2 a day, never reaching the page.

If you want your comment to go through, I need a name. That does not mean using a product name in the name box. That will be removed instantly. If your comment does actually include the subject that it’s on, such as page content or a blog post reply, it will go through. I review every one. If your comment reads more like a personal e-mail or a solicitation of new work, I will reply to you at the e-mail you provide, but I will not approve it to go through, as it will appear off topic for the page.

These are simple guidelines. Spammers probably won’t care, it will still happen, but I wanted to write this out just in the off chance that a friend or colleague was attempting to reach me and I killed the message.

New Work

I want to take this post to say welcome to all the new visitors who have been checking out this site. I feel good being able to hold up this one-stop location for my work, and I’m hoping to be able to add more, soon.

Today I auditioned for a very fun band up in Fullerton. I was planning on only making it a couple of hours, but we got to talking afterwards and I was still having fun for the next few hours. I’ll be able to post more information on upcoming gigs with this project as soon as I have solid dates and times to give out. In the meantime, Warren and Pat: Thank you for a great time!


My temporary vacation is now over, and I’m back to scheduling steady work. Thank you for your patience.

As a side note, yesterday I returned to my gig on the Marina to find that my band was no where to be found.The venue manager is wondering where the rest of the group is. I promise to play on time, and I do so, pulling out every little bit of solo bass material I can think of. As any musician knows, of course, the more the bassist plays solo, the louder the customers want to talk over you. So, the attention to me was quite minimal.

I approached the venue manager for my pay at the end of the evening, and was told that our group was no longer working out for the venue. I understand his point of view. Frankly, I feel the need to distance myself from that blatant lack of professionalism.

I received a call later from the band leader, who claims he never got a call for when to start, so apparently that means not showing up at all. I don’t want to get in the way of any personal fights going on, but I feel like I was left hung out to dry as a result of whatever may have happened. I’ll keep posted of any changes.

In the meantime, I’ve got an audition this week and several new students starting up now. I’m always ready to take on a new challenge, and my experiences only serve to strengthen me, not defeat me.


Tutorials II

Just a heads up that all of my tutorial videos have been uploaded, are live on YouTube, and embedded into the Teacher Page here and on my profile.

This might be a good place to mention that I even have a profile. I’ve been hired as a contractor for that site, which means I passed their criminal background and references checks as a teacher. There are some great features available through them, including scheduling tools and billing options (such as credit cards) that I can’t do in person. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, by all means, please take a look at the profile there:

Now that I’ve got the bulk of my initial vision for the site complete, these blog posts will probably take a turn into professional highlights, such as any new performance videos, or updates. I’ll keep you posted.


Today’s video shoot went very well. I’m currently in the process of uploading each one over on the Teacher page. They’re going onto YouTube first, and getting embedded into the page as soon as they’re available, which I have to do manually. Guitar is already done, bass guitar is underway, and the string bass video will require a bit more edit work, but it should be done by Monday.

All video credit goes to my dear wife. Thank you so much, my angel!

Patience Part II

Just an update from earlier today. I believe we’re updated to the new host, with everything for the most part surviving the trip. Let’s see how it goes from here? Tomorrow is my designated day to film the tutorial videos with my wife, Elizabeth. If you didn’t already know, Elizabeth is a photographer, and she’s been building up her works through her tumblr.


I want to thank everybody for their patience right now. I haven’t been able to get this page as updated as I’d like, but I’m trying. In addition, there will be some downtime in the next few business days, as I begin the process of transferring this project over to a new domain host. I am hoping to keep everything as it is, but the site itself may go dark for some parts while this happens.

I don’t want to go into too much detail as to why I’m changing hosts, as it is mostly a personal decision. I’m enjoying the WordPress features, though, so wherever I end up next, I’m probably going to continue to use it. So, again, most of the changes will be of a behind-the-scenes nature.

Thanks to everyone who has been helping me keep this going! As always, I’ll continue to solicit for more work to help pad things while I still have summer break time to do it in.